When:       WEDNESDAY, March 11, 2020
Where:      Legends at Bennett Valley Golf Couse, 3328 Yulupa Ave., Santa Rosa
Time:        1:00 p.m. (This is a sit down buffet luncheon)
Cost:         $20.00 (tax and tip included) for members and associate members
 $30.00 (tax and tip included) for non-members and guests.

Non-Responsibility Declaration: All luncheons and other activities arranged for or by SCARE are for the convenience and pleasure of the members and their guests who desire to participate. SCARE does not assume any responsibility for the well being or safety of the members or their guests when they are attending SCARE activities.

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Make checks payable to: “SCARE” and send to:
Patty Hamley  (579-1726)
2112 Berkeley Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Member _________________________________ Associate Member _________________________

Non-Member _________________________________________ VEGETARIAN? _________(Yes/No)

Amount Enclosed: $_______________ Phone#______________________