This web site has been designed to give you information about the
Sonoma County Association of Retired Employees,
a California Nonprofit Corporation,

henceforth known as SCARE.

NEW on Site

In consideration of the impact of COVID-19, especally on older adults, the SCARE Board has cancelled the August 25th Membership Meeting and the September 9th luncheon. These group events cannot be held while keeping social or physical distance. The Steele Lane Rec Center where we have our meetings is closed until the end of the year. We may try to do the November meeting by Zoom. We are still hoping things may have improved enough to have our holiday luncheon although it is looking doubtful. Meanwhile, we will try to keep you updated through the newsletter. We hope all of you are doing well. Be safe.


The purpose for which this organization is formed is to promote and protect the welfare and interests of Sonoma County retired employees in all ways compatible with the public interest.

The methods for attaining these objectives shall be to monitor all actions at federal, state and county levels that might affect our members; join and/or support other organizations formed for similar purposes; create and foster favorable public sentiment; support legislation and/or local resolutions deemed beneficial and oppose those deemed detrimental to the interests of its members or sound government; and disseminate pertinent information to members.

The Association may also perform such other acts and provide such benefits and services as are consistent with its primary purpose.

Your SCARE Board of Directors sincerely hopes that this web site will add a new dimension to our communications with members. In addition to being able to post general information that members can access at any time, it allows us to post urgent news that occurs between our newsletters and General Membership Meetings. We also hope that it will give you a new and easier way to communicate with the Board. We welcome your comments and suggestions!