The SCARE Board of Directors hope to use this section of our web page to share information with our members that we think will be of use to them. It will include summaries of topics that are presented at our General Membership Meetings as we know that most of you are not able to attend these meetings. We may also find other information that we think may be helpful to our retirees. This is new and if you have information that you think would help other retirees, please send it to Phyris Tobler at It will then be reviewed by the full Board to determine appropriateness of the material for our website.

The following is information only. SCARE does not endorse the products or services of any of our presenters.

Home Insurance Information Our February 2018 Membership Meeting featured an excellent presentation by United Policyholders (a nonprofit corporation - not an insurance company) around various things you need to know and ask your insurance company about your home insurance. Many people in Sonoma County lost their homes in the October 2017 firestorm. The overriding problem was that many, if not most, were under insured. This presentation talks about what to do before and after disasters and how to get assistance through United Policyholders. The Power Point Presentation is available here. It includes contact information for United Policyholders in case you have questions. Also available is the Home Insurance Checklist with questions to ask your agent to make sure you have enough insurance and the right kind of insurance. We hope there will never be another firestorm but this information can help you prevent future problems that occur on a much smaller scale.


Estate Planning Fundamentals by Roger Illsley. At our 2/22/11 General Membership meeting, Roger Illsley, an attorney at a local Santa Rosa firm, spoke to us about the benefits of Estate Planning including using wills to make sure your assets go to the people you wish to have them along with using living trusts to avoid probate and taxes on your estate. The latter can add up to more than $25,000 on a modest (given today's home prices) estate of $500,000. He generously shared his summary of Estate Planning Fundamentals with us at the meeting and allowed us to post it on our website. If you want to contact Mr. Illsley, his contact information is at the end of the article.


Protecting Yourself from Fraud and Scams - Sad to say that there are all kinds of fraud and scams out there, and even sadder to note that approximately 50% of the scams are aimed at seniors who make up less than 15% of the population. That is a very sobering fact if you are a senior.

There is quite a lot of information on the web on how to recognize and protect yourself from fraud and scams and a few links with a great deal of information are shown below. This information is a little scary as there are so many ways people are trying to scam seniors these days but it is better to be forewarned, and therefore more likely to avoid getting taken in.

The Redwood Credit Union (which many retirees use) has a lot of information on different online frauds and scams . Go to the bottom of the page and click on "Tips for Avoiding Scams and Fraud". Anyone can go to this site even if you are not a member of the Credit Union.

Federal Trade Commision Consumer Information is a government site that has lots of information on how to protect yourself from online problems with topics like Imposter Scams, Charity Fraud, Identity Theft, Phishing, Health Care Scams, and more.

Also on the Federal Trade Commision Consumer Information site is info on Privacy and Online Security which provides valuable information on online security, limiting unwanted calls and emails, and recovering from identity theft.