This page will be used to inform SCARE members and other retirees of information related to their health insurance benefits. If the words are in blue and underlined, they are a link. Click on it to get to another web page or to documents.

Call Board member Phyris Tobler at 707 795-6926 if you have questions.

March 2, 2018 - Annual Enrollment for 2018 will start March 19th and go to April 6, 2018. Booklets will be mailed out shortly but information on rates and on the informational meetings is now available at the Human Resources website. Look about halfway down on this page for "Retiree".

The rates for the County Health Plan are not increasing. However there will be increases in the Kaiser rates (6.6% for those under 65 and 4% for those on Medicare). Sutter and Western Health Advantage are going up similar amounts. Dental insurance rates remain the same.

It will be easier to apply for the AARP/UnitedHealthcare insurance this year as there will be one phone number to call with someone who understands the County system to help you. Sonoma County is one of the few groups on this insurance so many of the agents don't understand that the County will be paying for this. While those of you over 65 are getting booklets in the mail with information on the AARP/UnitedHealthcare plan, you need to wait to apply until you get the County open enrollment booklet as it has some really helpful information in it about how to apply for the AARP/UnitedHealthcare insurance. You can also get assistance in understanding the plan and how to apply through Care Counsel (888 227-3334). There are multiple plans available designated by letters. Plan F is usually the best and you probably want to go with that. If you are only getting insurance for yourself, the County will pay the full cost as it is under $500. You may have to pay a little bit if you are also covering a spouse.

Care Counsel is a great resource for you throughout the year. They can answer questions you may have about coverage under different plans, help you with claims, intervene to settle disputes over claims, and much more.